Toon Blast Cheats

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The Toon Blast cheats and getting the Coins you want!

Mobile gaming is really popular right now and they are many people around the world who are playing the games only on their phone. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s mostly free. One of the most popular mobile games is Toon Blast. It’s a free game that you can download on your iOS and Android Devices. There are also pretty good Toon Blast cheats that we are going to talk later about.

What is Toon Blast?

Toon Blast is a game developed by Peak games that have quite a few popular games today in the stores. Another popular game from them is Toy Blast. For now, we are going to talk about Toon Blast and Toon Blast Cheats.

The game is a puzzle game where you will have certain objectives on every level that you need to complete in order to go to the next level. Objectives can be:

  • Destroy certain amounts of blocks of one color
  • Destroy all the ice cubes
  • Destroy all the bubbles in the level
  • Dropping the ducks to the bottom
  • Combined objectives: destroying multiple colors at once and dropping the ducks to the bottom

Those are just a few of the objectives that you can do in the game, but with every level they get harder and harder. There are over 800 levels right now and they get really hard.

In-game currency – Coins

Coins are the Toon Blast in-game currency which you can use to buy extra moves at the end of the level if you do not complete all the objectives. You can earn coins in a few different ways in the game:

  • Giving lives to other people in the club
  • you will earn chests every 20 levels from which you can get coins
  • using Toon Blast cheats

So, every 20 levels you will actually get a free chest that you can open and get cool items like boosters and coins. The more you play, the more chests you can earn and have fun opening them.

Lives in Toon Blast

Toon Blast has a system – you have 5 lives and if you fail a level, you will lose one life. Lose 5 times and you are out of lives. You will get an extra life every 30 minutes (this may change as it did before). The good thing about lives is that you can get more. If you join a club (more about clubs later on) you can request lives from your club members. They can give you 5 extra lives that you can use later on. Also, if you join a club, you can give lives as well. It will not cost you anything. Each time you give someone a life, you will actually get 1 coin! That is pretty amazing. Now, that means that you can requests lives and store them. You will also get them from opening chests (more about chests later on as well). You can have your current 5 lives and you can store 10 extra lives which mean that you can have 15 lives! That gives you plenty of time and tries to play the game and try to pass the levels.

Toon Blast Cheats

You can also use Toon Blast cheats that will allow you to get extra coins if you need them. You will ned to spend 25 coins to buy 5 extra moves In the end of the level. Those 5 moves are really pricey since you can’t get much coins later in the game as the game gets really hard. That is why we offer this website so that you can use it and get coins when you want or need them and we are pretty sure that you can use a few extra coins in the game. The only requirement is that you are in the club so you have a registered username because you will need it in order to get your coins.


Boosters in the game are special abilities that you can use to destroy or randomize blocks. Some of the boosters are:

  • bombs that destroy surrounding blocks
  • the anvil that destroys one entire column
  • boxing glove that will destroy one entire row
  • a disco ball that you can combine with other boosters to get an even better effect

Boosters are really great if you get stuck. Maybe you need 2 moves and you have only 1 available so you can use a booster to clear the level and progress to a next one.


You will get 1 free chest every 20 levels. These chests contain:

  • coins
  • boosters
  • lives

In almost every chest that you open, you will receive some coins that will help you out. And it will follow up with a booster and probably lives. If you don’t get lives, you will get an extra booster. And you can also get more boosters so if you get 2 types of boosters, you will get a few of each booster so you can use them multiple times. There are also challenges like reaching a certain level and you get one extra chest. And there is one more type of chests and those are club chests. Every now and then, Toon Blast will have an event that will last a few days.

In that period, it is your job to collect as many stars as you can in every level. The more stars you earn, the higher the chances are for your club. Club chests require a specific amount of stars that club collectively needs to collect in order for you to get the chest. If your club collects the stars, everyone who is currently in the club will receive the chest. These events are important as the club chest contains more items and there is a higher chance that you will better boosters and even more coins.


Clubs are really great in this game. You can enter a club and choose a username and you can ask and give lives to other members for free. This is great, you can even stack lives so you can have up to 10 extra lives just waiting for you. Another great thing about clubs is that you can work with your club members and every now and then there will be a club competition where you need to get certain numbers of stars and when your club collects them you will get a club chest! Those chests contain much more loot than regular chests so make sure to join the club.

Final words

Toon Blast is a really fun game that you can play on any device that you want. The clubs are also a really great feature as you don’t really have the limit on lives and you can play a lot longer. Another good thing is that you can use Toon Blast cheats to get the coins for the game and you can enjoy it even more. I really recommend trying the game as you will probably have so much fun with the game. You can play it on any phone you may have.

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